Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Wrap Up!

I so meant to post this last night...ah well all the todays and yesterdays are off FYI!!!

I'm not big on writing TOO much but sometimes my opinions and fingers lead me else where. I wanted to try something a little different and post brief snippets of gossip, news, rumors, etc. in one post...let's try this out!!

Allen Iverson and his wife may NOT g ever see that divorce they've been chasing for years now. Allen filed a petition to stop the divorce! According to Allen the two, although they've been going back and forth with trying to divorce, were still having consensual sex and living together between November 2011 and February 2012. Just a few weeks ago Tawanna Iverson asked for the names and numbers of ALL the women Allen was sexually involved with during their marriage...good luck with that...and his financial records. Many speculate this move by Allen is merely to avoid having to pay spousal and child support. And no, Tawanna didn't tell me this...

Bobby Brown was arrested in Los Angeles for suspicion of driving under the in influence on Monday around NOON. Does suspicion mean they didn't use a breathalyzer? Today, it's being said that he had an blood alcohol level of .12 and has been officially charged with a DUI per TMZ.

CBS is supposedly giving comedian Bill Bellamy the green light for a late night talk show per Bill himself. It's being said that the show will target that Arsenio Hall kind of an audience. We shall see...or rather y'all shall see because I'll be sleep for sure. Good luck Bill...this is big!!

In unfortunate news, Tami Roman of VH1's Basketball Wives reportedly suffered a mild heart attack on Monday. Tami is said to be doing well considering the circumstances and even took to Twitter afterwards:

"Thx 2every1 for the get well wishes. Never thought I'd have a mild heart attack at 41. God has a way of bringing things into perspective. Finally going home 2my kids-heart meds and all"

Hopefully this is the first and last health scare for Tami.

Moving right along...Raven Symone made her Broadway debut last night in Broadway's Sister Act. Raven is taking on the starring role as Delores Van Cartier who is a disco singer who goes on the run after witnessing a murder and ends up in a seen the movie!! Anywho,  this is a huge accomplishment for Raven, Broadway is big business baby, but I am sure just like all her successes she will do just fine. With a personality like Raven's she was born to do Broadway. BTW, this Broadway production of Sister Act is produced by Whoopi Goldberg...

This may be enough to hold you over until tomorrow later on today...stay tuned!!

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