Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VIDEO: Kanye West Neglects To Help Pregnant Kim Kardashian Out Of Car

Kim Kardashian is back from Greece and back in the presence of her unborn child's father Kanye West in Paris but all doesn't look well in Lover's Land with these two.

All my disbelief and denial couldn't prepare me for this video below of Kanye looking as if he's over not only Kim but the entire pregnancy.

What was the Kanye stare down about?

Kim is a better pregnant woman than I was, I would have clutch beat Kanye for not opening the door for me nor helping me out of the car while wearing an inappropriate dress like that AND having the audacity to WAIT for me to open the door for HIM. Oh, hell no!

I sincerely feel bad for Kim. Kim may not be on the rag but it sure as hell looks like Kanye is.

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