Friday, April 26, 2013

What's The Deal With Pamela Anderson?

Pamela Anderson's body may not look a day over 25 but her face is looking every bit of a snatched 55 year old while she's only 45. Could this be a case of bad cosmetic surgery, bad genes or horrible piling on of make up? Something tells me all 3 may be the culprit...

Check out Pamela this week seen in all black on two occasions looking as if she's just trying to make it.

In my opinion I think Pam may be getting work done on her face or maybe her facial look has something to do with her Hepatitis C. What I do know is, the black clothing doesn't make her look any better. Check out Pam a couple weeks/months back in lighter colors with less of a death walking look.

Not as bad, huh? The rocking bod is solid!

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