Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Billboard Music Awards Perfomance Highlights

Like I said earlier, I watched a good portion of the Billboard Music Awards last night enabling me to see some performances.

Believe it or not Taylor Swift's performance of "22" was my fav performance of the night. I didn't like the song but I loved the choreography which looked pretty insane (in a good way) leading me to wonder how long it took to learn all that. Swift spent much of the performance backstage hopping around and being perfectly on point.

The funniest performance goes to Miguel who performed his over played hit "Adorn". Before closing out his half sung well danced performance Miguel thought it was a bright idea to crowd surf into the fan pit before making his exit. Not a good idea.

Miguel served up a full serving of nut sack while introducing one lady's head to the stage but had it not been for the fans taking the beating Miguel would have either missed the entire crowd or stage landing on the floor. I'm good with the current ending or the proposed endings...all funny.

My "why" of the night goes to Miss Jennifer Lopez. Why was she performing? Why is she still making music? Why is she flaunting her ass like it's still there?

At least she still has moves left.

Last but not least of the highlights are Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne's peep show. The twosome performed Nicki's hit "High School" while Nicki showed her ass and later gave Lil Wayne a lap dance. I hope every one had the kids to sleep before Nick and Wayne hit the stage.

It was a decent show although far too many people took the stage more than once while lip synching (Kid Rock pointed that out for us as well). Stay tuned for Taylor Swift's jab at her past boyfriends and Madonna throwing shade at

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