Friday, May 24, 2013

Chief Keef Threatens Katy Perry For Dissing His Song

Poor Katy Perry sent out one tweet about a new song she heard on the radio not knowing the song in question was by Chicago wild child rapper Chief Keef (as if that made a difference) that quickly set the rapper off.

Was Katy in the wrong?

I guess Keef felt disrespected and wanted to repay Katy the same compliment.

As if that wasn't enough he retweets Katy's rambling apology without saying a word directly to her.

I guess this was enough for him not to smack her as he implied...

He may get it but I don't. These two made all these comments without directly acknowledging one another all over a silly ass song. For every time someone says they're not a fan of  Chief Keef's anything I don't think he should threaten's just a suggestion.

If he likes it, we he should love it.

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