Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nicki Minaj Settles Beef With Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg

Do you guys remember when Nicki Minaj opted out of performing at last year's Hot 97 Summer Jam concert?

Nicki Minaj bails on fans at Summer Jam concert

Nicki decided not to hit the stage when HOT 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki as not being a hip hop artist but moreso of a pop artist which prompted Lil Wayne to make the decision for Nicki not to go on stage.

Now that was last summer but late last year Peter and program director over at Hot 97 Ebro Darden had more jokes when one of Nicki's reloaded and resold Roman albums didn't sell that well prompting Nicki to ask Ebro not to play her music anymore.

Audio of Nicki and Ebro

Today a sorta reluctant Nicki Minaj met up face to face on air with Peter and Ebro to squash their issues.

"To me you don't have enough of a resumé to make those comments." - NM

Was this necessary? This was too much ass kissing for me. I know the station needed to make amends with Nicki but could it have been less forced and a little more authentic...

Anywho, Summer Jam is coming up this weekend and because Nicki is in town filming for a new movie she should hit the stage...case closed.

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