Monday, August 5, 2013

Miss Mykie Talks '106 & Park' Departure + New Instagram Venture

Late last year BET came up with the awesome idea to replace departing 106 & Park veteran hosts Terrence Jenkins and Rocsi Diaz with not two but 4 new co-hosts including rapper/actor Bow Wow.

Shortly after their awkward debut people began to pick their favs and state why they hated who they hated. Not knowing if that played a role or not in the show's reconstruction but right as the weather began to break in the Spring of this year 3 out of the 4 co-hosts were visibly absent leaving Bow Wow all by his lonesome. Well he wasn't that lonely, left to stand beside a few female guest co-hosts like Adrienne Bailon and Angela Simmons who obviously was a crowd fav because she is still there today until the end of the summer per BET.

Anywho, set out to shed some light on the situation that took BET months to address  with booted co-host Miss Mykie (the one with that fauxhawk).

As one of four new hosts picked out of thousands—along with Bow Wow and radio personalities Paigion and Shorty Da Prince—Mykie became the new face of urban music’s only video countdown show, and an instant favorite credited to her spunky charm and signature Mohawk (a hairdo she later did away with). While her goal was never intended to be a television host, it was an opportunity she says she couldn’t pass up. 
Earlier this month, however, less than a year since taking on the new gig, BET made a shocking decision to dismiss Mykie and two of her fellow hosts from their duties, leaving Bow Wow to hold down the fort solo. While it’s been rumored that Angela Simmons, who’s been guest co-hosting with Bow for the summer, is slated to be a permanent replacement, many viewers were left stunned. Why BET parted ways with Mykie and company isn’t so clear, although speculations suggest ratings played a role.
“It’s all love with BET and it will always be,” she tells “I support BET and they support me 100 percent with my future endeavors.”

I still have questions but at least we now know they were in fact fired.

I know many adults don't like 106 & Park but  I tend to turn in at least once everyday just to see what artist is stopping by and and because I love music. With that said, I'm hoping that 106  finds itself back to the place it once was being as though it's the only urban music video countdown show at the moment. But if it doesn't work in the long run maybe BET should be open to audiences outside of middle and high schoolers by maybe making a show for their more mature audience something along the lines of Video Soul. Y'all do remember that?

Wanna know what  Mykie is doing now?

Being a former 106 and Park host has its perks, though. Mykie has swooped up over 80,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 69,000 followers on Instagram. With such a massive social media platform, Mykie is making new ground as the host of Instagram’s first-ever talk show, The Tea
While the sound of an Instagram show may give pause for many, it may not be such a bad idea. Since the application service added its video component in June, Instagram timelines have been inundated with 15-second amatuer clips filmed from users’ smartphone cameras. Taking that capability a step further, however, Mykie and her branding and management team, iYo Visuals, came up with the revolutionary idea of broadcasting a fully-produced entertainment talk show exclusive to Instagram.

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