Friday, February 21, 2014

NeNe 'Messy' Leakes Stops By 'The View' To Discuss RHOA Drama

When did The View become the meeting spot for reality drama?

Did someone cancel a cooking segment or something? When did times get this hard with The View that they would have a guest on to discuss not some A list actress drama but some dusty ATL reality tea.

A few thangs...

What is so likable about that George Washington wig that NeNe refuses to let it go?
Will Cynthia Bailey throw away her friendship contract between she and NeNe tonight?
Why didn't The View correct NeNe when stating Kenya Moore hasn't worked in 10 years? The last thing she needs to be pointing out is the last time someone had werk.
That sweet NeNe and Marlo Hampton cake fell real quick...quicker than I thought.
Sheri and Whoopi obviously were very biased in this interview.
Who the hell is NeNe's publicist? Teach your client about tact and longevity.
That was a so quick and rushed I would have rather tuned into the show.
Was this RHOA week on The View?

Really? The View has gone downhill tremendously...

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