Monday, March 31, 2014

Nicki Minaj Tones Down Image For More Natural Look

Nicki Minaj's evolving styles has been evolving into calm mode ever since late last year. Gone are most of the days with pink hair paired with a matching costume, these days Nicki can be seen sporting one hair color with PTA approved garbs in girly hues.

Take for example Nicki's ensemble this weekend for her brother Micaiah's sixteenth birthday bash.  Nicki wore her tresses in the black with blush pink jeans paired with a cardigan and a trendy tee.

I not only think Nikci looks great but her beauty is very evident now. At times it seemed like Nicki's costumes overpowered her looks.

Are we feeling Nicki's new look? I am...and I think this transformation was/is being done in an attempt to solidify Nicki in Hollywood. Her new movie with Cameron Diaz, The Other Woman where she plays Cameron's assistant, features the rapper in the film's trailer...they featured her in the previews!! Hollywood is probably already calling and they don't want that gimmick $hit.

Also, should we go ahead and send our congrats to Nicki or nah...just wait on the engagement denial?

Photos: Instagram 

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