Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nicki Minaj's 'The Other Woman' Co-Stars Say She Was "Overwhelmed" On Set

The ladies from the new movie The Other Woman starring Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz with Kate Upton when asked about working with Nicki Minaj who plays Cameron's assistant in flick didn't bite their tongues nor mince words. The threesome discussed what they thought was Nicki's demeanor on set as well as how she referred to one co-star simply as "Lady" never learning her name.

Nicki Minaj's co-star Leslie Mann has revealed that the singer did very little to ingratiate herself on the set of the movie, and didn't even learn her name.

Leslie said: 'Nicki Minaj never remembered my name. She just referred to me as "lady".
'She would just say, "Come, lady". And I was like, "OK!" '

However, Leslie's co-star Kate Upton said she thought Nicki's behaviour was due to her being 'overwhelmed' by working with the pair, and Cameron Diaz. 

Speaking to Leslie and Cameron, Kate said: 'You know why she probably didn’t remember your name? It’s because she was really overwhelmed.

'You remember I had that big mark on my back and you had both your heads in my dress. Because I hurt myself and you were checking me out and she was like "I have a feeling they’re going to do that to me next!" '

Oh these bitches tried it but Nicki tried it first with my homegirl Leslie Mann. Hell I thought Leslie would have enough balls to say "hey hip hop chick, it's Miss Lady to You!!".

I cannot WAIT for Nicki to respond...and she will BUT maybe she should do it after she's solidified a career in Hollywood. It seems like the hard to work with stigma follows her anywhere she has to work with other women where she's not the biggest star in the room.

Leslie Mann grabs Cameron Diaz's ass while in London their movie premiere yesterday. - Splash News


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