Friday, April 25, 2014

VIDEO: Tyrese Confronts Taraji P. Henson For Claiming He Before During 'Baby Boy' Love Scene

The always beautiful and spunky Taraji P. Henson stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show last night where she was surprised by her BFF Tyrese Gibson who she played his on-screen love in the John Singleton film 'Baby Boy'. During the interview Taraji let the beans spill that Tyrese cried before their love making scene in the film.

As much as Tyrese irks my soul Taraji almost makes me like him for a brief second. I don't understand how some as likable as Taraji would adore a man like him...although he is fine as wine with his mouth closed.

BTW, I didn't think this was a coincidental surprise until I watched a second time and saw Taraji's reaction and that big kiss she planted on Tyrese's lips. Mmmm hmmm...if he wasn't so annoying I'd recommend she date him he seems genuine with her oddly enough.

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