Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Awkward Spottings...

Yesterday a few photos came out yesterday that were beyond the look and smile category. You had to look at them then ponder on them due to the subjects. Like.....

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were seen in Mykonos vacationing with their daughters.

Let me first say the Bryant girls are adorable and follow that up with...anyone want any flapjacks? Kobe, go ahead and get Vanessa that mommy makeover...she may love you gain for it.

Jaden Smith was spotted with a young beauty and she's not a Kardashian.

She's cute...very cute. But ummmmmmmmm Jaden what you got on?

Last but definitely not least, Earvin Johnson III and Lisa Raye were spotted dinning at the heavily pap populated Mr. Chow.

Not only is this a rare pairing but why is EJ channeling NeNe Leakes? From the outfit to the location this is all NeNe's steelo.

Was I being polite by saying "awkward"?

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