Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rita Ora Covers Flare Mag + Talks About American Takeover

Today, Ora is on the tail end of what she calls her American Takeover, which she describes as an “all-right-let’s-give-it-a-shot kind of thing.” Her nonchalance belies a gruelling itinerary: belting out the new single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, hanging with Iggy Azalea for an afternoon on MTV and performing an intimate show for friends and family at uber-hip Manhattan nightspot The Box, as well as tackling a head-spinning number of press events. Ora’s overseas debut, it’s clear, is of vital, make-or-break importance. While she waits for a second round of nail art to dry—this time, a technicolour block of geometric shapes—she starts goofing around, pulling cross-eyed selfie faces for her devoted Instagram followers. “YE-AH! We are heeeeere,” she hoots. “We are coming. We. Have. Arrived.”

I find just about everything I know about Rita Ora hilarious. I wondered at one time if I found out more about her personally or professionally whether I would like her more yet the cover story for Flare mag has me puzzled...and laughing. Ora was open inside the mag on her ambitions and future endeavors...so deep I laughed in my belly button a little.

The pictures however came out  really beautiful so I'll mix excerpts from her interview with her photos taken in effort to make the interview seem a little more aesthetically pleasing.

While Rita Ora’s travelling entourage of hairstylist, makeup artist and manicurist synchronize primping—a “Cinderelly, Cinderelly”–type coordination of brush strokes and cords, puffs of floral scent and sprays—the 23-year-old British pop star and I lament our under-eye circles. “Panda eyes,” she calls them. “I’m the queen of bags; I’ve had them since I was young.” 
“There’s things to do, though.” When I mention that I rarely wear makeup, save for some ineffectually applied drugstore eyeliner, she bolts upright in her chair, a blaze of disbelief sending her freshly bleached brows soaring over her deep hazelnut eyes. “Why!?” she whoops. “It’s so good for us! It’s called GLAMAH.”

Ora’s it-factor and live-wire personality are, in part, hereditary. Her mother, Vera, is a major beauty inspiration: “When I wear crazy stuff, she’ll say, ‘I need sex. I need glamah.’” Indeed,glamah has been a long-time passion. “I got obsessed with makeup and makeup artists when I was young, with people like Kevyn Aucoin,” 

“I feel like I’m a character already, as in, like, I love dressing up. If I could live in a cabaret, I would. If I could live in Moulin Rouge, I would,” she says, prompting me to imagine, without any trouble, Ora in a redux of the 2001 Aguilera-helmed, lingerie-filled “Lady Marmalade” music video.

“I based the Rimmel collection names on something that I find interesting—the world of sex and intimacy,” she tells me. “They don’t have to be non-approachable subjects.” Moments later, Ora and I scroll through my phone, mesmerized by racy poolside photos from Rihanna’s infamous Lui magazine spread—the same images that may have compelled RiRi to deactivate her Instagram account. “That’s crazy. She looks gorgeous!” Ora exclaims. “It’s a good time for her, she’s an adult. I think starting out, you just have to time it right, when you’re ready to be yourself.”

 “Beyoncé built her f–king foundation from the bottom. I think that’s the exact career every female artist wants to have.” 

"There’s always competition. I definitely feel it. I thrive off of it. I love it. I don’t look at it as a competition, I look at it as a form of energy.” 

I'll wait...since I been waiting.


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