Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TWO FINGERS: Chelsea Handler Goes Out With A Celebrity Bang

Last night Chelsea Handler bid farewell to her late night talk show of  7 years Chelsea Lately and the E! Network in grand style.

The finale show included a slew of celebrities and I'm not talking weak celebs I mean celebrities were  in attendance. On hand were stars like Gwen Stefani, Bobby Brown, Jennifer Aniston, Tim Allen, Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, and Sandra Bullock just to name a few who all sang farewell to Chelsea to the tune of We Are The World.

I wasn't expecting so many hip hop acts to be there...heheheheeeeDid Leah smirk at LeAnn's singing?

The most comedic part of the night had to be Ellen DeGeneres confronting a naked Chelsea in the shower about never being invited to her show all while Chelsea claims she's a lesbian and didn't know Ellen was.

I'll miss Chelsea and her borderline offensive ass and I can't wait until 2016 for her Netflix show. You know a deal is good when you quit your job for another job that doesn't start for another 2 years.

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