Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cara Delevingne Covers Allure Magazine October 2014

This chick, Cara Delevigne, is really growing on. Before I figured she was typical young hot supermodel it girl of the moment who happens to rub shoulders with some of Hollywood's hottest celebs but that's sorta changing.

British model Cara can be seen on the cover of October's Best of Beauty Allure magazine issue while totally nude serving model face.

The more and more Cara is shoved down my throat (for work) I am beginning to notice how model perfection she is. Not only can I not open a magazine without her face representing some high end brand but she's picture perfect gorgeous. Her looks are classic of a supermodel with the distinction of her dark brows separating her from the rest.

Of course the first thing we asked about was the brows. For the record, our October cover model, Cara Delevingne, does exactly nothing on the average day, except "make sure they are there." And for a big night out? "I use an eyebrow comb and eyebrow gel." Once we got that out of her, we turned our attention to rest of the supermodel's favorite things. Here's how she filled in the blanks:

Breakfast: "Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast." 
Beauty product: "Anything by Antipodes—it's all-natural. Especially their avocado-and-pear night cream." 
Place to be alone: "When meditating." 
Song: "That's too hard! I love music. There are too many to choose from." 
Instagram filter: "Lo-Fi." 
Instagram feed: "@freethenipplelives." 
Cause: "Save the Children." 
Sneaker: "Nike." 
Lip balm: "Lucas's Pawpaw Ointment." 
Escape: "On holiday or in the studio." 
Movie: "Anchorman." 
TV show: "Scandal." 
Tattoo on someone else: "All of Rihanna's."

I like Cara...for now.

Images: Mario Testino 

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