Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER: Leslie Jones Joins 'Saturday Night Live' Cast

Saturday Night Live is not playing with the addition of more minorities on their show. Can someone tell me where to apply? I will sweep up after the skits?

Anywho, veteran comedian Leslie Jones is the newest female comedian to join the cast and she just so happens to be an African American...mmm hmmm.

You may not know her name but you've had to have seen her before in stand up or in movies where she always played stereotypical roles. But today thangs have changed.

In a way I knew things were looking up for Jones having just saw her last week in the trailer for Chris Rock's upcoming flick Top Five. Leslie's not that new to the SNL scene. She has been writing for SNL for a few months now and even made a controversial debut appearance on the sketch comedy back in May.

Congrats, Leslie...you paid your dues!!

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