Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sister 2 Sister Magazine Goes Digital

Over two decades Sister 2 Sister magazine has been a staple among African American readers serving as one of the go to media publications when you're wanting the deets on African American celebrities and newsworthy stories. Today with a great deal of sadness I learned the magazine has gone digital with the imply of coming back to a newsstand near you sooner than later.

Founder Jamie Foster Brown has issued a promising statement for devoted readers who are saddened by this news.

“For our readers who still love the print-edition of Sister 2 Sister, the magazine is not going away,”  Sister 2 Sister's founder and publisher Jamie Foster Brown said in a statement to TheWrap. “We are putting it on hiatus while we reorganize to embrace the digital age for our subscribers and advertisers. We remain as dedicated to our mission today as we were 26 years ago.”

I know that times are changing and just about everything is "digital" these days but Brown's decision to make the mag digital for now seems like a readership issue. Let's support, People!!

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