Sunday, November 9, 2014

THE POWER OF MONEY: Sean Diddy Combs Turns 45

Sean Diddy/Puffy Combs turned 45 this week (Nov 4). With any birthday these days comes the infamous Instagram birthday shoutouts and Diddy was the recipient of a few.

 Cassie, Diddy's girlfriend, made multiple IG posts in honor of her man's birthday as did Kim Porter the mother of 4 of his kids, shortly after Cassie and Misa Hylton the mother to his first born child Justin Combs joined in as well.

Let's get into these posts...

A photo posted by Casandra (@cassie) on

A photo posted by Casandra (@cassie) on

Not too long after Kim gave her ode to her baby daddy...

And Misa for the win!!

A photo posted by Misa Hylton, ICF (@misahylton) on

Beautiful, ironic or subliminal? I'd have to Kim was being spiteful and Misa has seemed to not care nor dwell in  Diddy's love affair because she's not a participant like Cassie and Kim.

Maybe it's the money...

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