Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keshia Knight Pulliam GetsThe Boot First On Seveneth Season Of 'Celebrity Apprentice'

How Donald Trump persuaded Keshia Knight Pulliam to do Celebrity Apprentice I don't know but it seems to have been an excellent decision on his behalf.

It's no secret that I love The Cosby Show as well as Bill Cosby and there is no hiding his recent personal issues as well. Now this is where things play out well for Mr. Trump. Donald casted Keshia without prior knowledge of Mr. Cosby's skeletons ever unfolding (again) which was also before the controversial allegations began. Now although the show was filmed well in advance, the 7th season premiere episode, where Keshia was ultimately fired, revolved around her not calling Bill Cosby for a donation. Keshia was the team's captain and her not calling Mr. Cosby for a monetary favor is what caused her debut departure.

Now how is this good for Donald Trump, you ask? He's PR whore and everything he does seems to come in a form of shock and awe but not this time. This was pure luck on his and his show's part. Organic publicity so good not even the best PR guru could have come up with GOOD!! Having Bill Cosby, who has been in the headlines for months, attached to his show in any way sparks curiosity for watchers and non-watchers. Every story about this incident mentions Celebrity Apprentice. In an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show Keshia addresses her departure from...Celebrity Apprentice. You catch my drift?

Donald being the attention seeker that he is addressed Keshia's firing via Twitter with his classy ass.

It was obviously a respect thing in terms as to why Keshia didn't call Bill Cosby. Some celebrities are private. They don't dance on cue when the cameras start rolling. Not to mention Keshia isn't in close contact with him as she stated. That for me was enough but obviously Donald wanted Mr. Cosby intertwined with his show someone well before his personal issues and the money was what mattered the most. Naught!

Anywho, check out what Keshia had to say about the firing AND how much money she really made.

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