Friday, January 9, 2015

Solange's Birthday Blast To Blue Ivy

What do you give the little girl that has it all? When most people use this phrase they don't fully have any basis for it but not the Carters. No, really, what do  you give Blue Ivy Carter for her third birthday (Jan.7)?

While there are no exclusive confirmed details about Blue's bday festivities but some have speculated the theme may have be Frozen from a photo posted by her mom Beyonce to Instgram.

But it was a photo Solange posted to her Instagram that gave me the heart eyes.

How cute is it that Solange calls Blue her "twin". I for one always applauded Beyonce for allowing her child to wear her hair in it's natural state as it is when she rarely does and for the critically acclaimed wardrobe choices but know when I think about it Blue seems more like the daughter I'd imagine Solange to have. Same style and hair obviously!! And as she describes her an intelligent sassy dancer...seems like Auntie Solo to me,

Anywho, I thought this was super cute being the first time that I've seen Auntie and niece intimately.

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