Monday, January 5, 2015

THE HAIR: NeNe Leakes Gets It Right

As I was browsing Instagram doing a little research I came across some very nice photos of  Mrs. NeNe Leakes. As I posted more than a weeks ago NeNe was the butt of various jokes when she debuted a choppy blonde bob in her confessionals during an episode (more to come) of The Real House Wives of Atlanta.

As we should know, the show isn't filmed in the NOW but NeNe took the jokes graciously and I thought we'd never see the scarecrow wig again but NAUGHT. NeNe posted this beautiful photo, choppy wig included, to which I thought the wig wasn't that bad but what really grabbed me (although this is about hair) was the caption of the photo.

2014 has been amazingly incredible for me! I worked my butt off and kicked down barriers that wasn't built for me but I couldn't have done it without my talented team that works tirelessly with me year round. Thank you so much Darrell, Steven, Dana & Susan for all that you do! Thanks to Bravo and True Entertainment for an amazing platform! Thanks to all the companies and networks that worked with me this year. I want you all to know I am truly grateful! Thanks to my husband, children, family, friends, fans and followers for the support you give me all year long! WELCOME 2015 #WCW

Not so bad, huh?

Anywho, NeNe is sporting a new look that is wayyyy better than not only the chopped and screwed wig but better than most she has worn in years.

Photos: Instagram

Cheers to the New Year, new wigs and endless opportunities!!! I think THIS is Linnethia's year...I see you!!

I favor this hair more tho...

Sidebar: need want to find out who does Tyler Perry's lace front for his movies. He needs to recommend him/her to quite a few celebs.

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