Friday, February 6, 2015

Beyonce Set To Perform At The Grammy Awards

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Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce!! 

A day can't go by without story about Beyonce whether it be true, false or speculated but this news here I'm kind of glad to hear.

Beyonce along with Common and John Legend will take part in a 'Selma' dedicated performance where the pop star will sing "Precious Lord Take My Hand" while Legend and Common perform "Glory". "Glory" is from the movie's soundtrack and also Oscar nominated having already nabbed a Golden Globe for the song.

 Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America
"We do have an incredible introduction to our performance,” Common exclusively told Us Weekly at the Tanqueray Trunk Show in New York City on Jan. 31. “A segue into our song ‘Glory,’ as a tribute to Selma, being done by the great Beyonce. That's one of the greatest talents you can have, helping us segue into it. To co-create a performance with someone like her. It's good."

Typically I am not too caught in the actual telecast of the Grammys but I will tune in for more than the red carpet this year. Last year I tuned in to see Beyonce open with "Drunk In Love"...we will NAUGHT get that type of performance again this year.

BTW, Beyonce has six Grammy nods so we'll get to see a lot of her that night. The 57th Grammy Awards will air, February 7 at 8pm on CBS.

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