Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Diddy Wants No Parts Of His Son On 'Empire'

Lee Daniels' new Fox hip-hop drama Empire has been a hit thus far receiving rave reviews from just about everyone and their mama until the news of Sean 'Diddy' Combs banning his son from appearing on the show.

According to Page Six, Diddy has banned his "adopted son" from appearing on the show because he would have to give up "a portion of his music rights in relation to the show to Fox".

Lee Daniels’ hip-hop drama “Empire” is the hottest show on TV, and actors and musicians are lining up for roles. But Sean “Diddy” Combs pulled his adopted son, Quincy, from the cast after getting into a fight with 20th Century Fox TV over music rights, Page Six has exclusively learned.  
Sources say Quincy was guaranteed a role on the show about a family-run hip-hop record label starringTerrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, but Diddy hit the roof when he learned that his son would have to sign over a portion of his music rights in relation to the show to Fox.
Stars on the show are subject to music contracts similar to those on other shows like “Glee” or “American Idol,” which propel their players into superstardom. “Empire” features a score curated by hit-maker Timbaland and includes original songs that are sold on iTunes and Spotify. 
A source told us: “Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them to change their rules over music rights,” but he didn’t get his way. “He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show.” 
Actor and singer Quincy, 23, is the son of music producer Al B. Sure! and Combs’ former girlfriend Kim Porter. Combs adopted Quincy while in a long-term relationship with Porter.
Another source told us Quincy — who just released his first single, “Friends First” — is still being considered for a role on the second season. “Lee’s super excited about having Quincy on the show,” we’re told, as long as his dad relents on the intellectual property issue. 
I guess what his biological Dad thinks still doesn't matter...and when did Diddy adopt Quincy Brown? PS knows they are reaching far and beyond need with this article.

Anywho, on one hand I understand where the Dids is coming from, being the money snatcher that he is, but on another hand this exposure could be good for Quincy's career. There are so many if ands or buts here that I could go on on but I will say if I were Quicy I'd listen to Diddy. Quincy isn't your average new artist that needs this show and if he continues to want to eat like he's been eating he should listen to his dadager..."momager" looks and reads so much better.

I bet Al B. Sure is somewhere wondering if they would take him instead. And speaking of guest appearances, E! News is confirming the upcoming appearances of Jennifer Hudson and Rita Ora...wonder who's next? Diddy?

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