Monday, February 9, 2015

VIDEO: Pharrell Judging Taylor Swift At The Grammys

Although I've just jumped on the Taylor Swift bandwagon thanks too "Shake It Off" the chick has been nothing but a pest in the past to me. I use to think it was cute how she would sing along and support her counterparts during awards shows and what not.

 Then it got annoying. I started to wish she'd sit her ass down.

The news the next day was almost always about how she was dancing along to someone else's!!

Well last night at the 2015 Grammy Awards I think Grammy winner Pharrell Williams was over the Taylor Show and you can see it ALL in his face.

Pharrell, thank you, Man!!! Maybe she will sit her ass down from now on.

Y'all think Taylor woke up like "f**k him!!" this morning or put on "Happy" and shook it off?

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