Monday, February 2, 2015

WHO GOT BEEF: Gabrielle Union vs Charles Barkley

How grand of a showdown it even sound to suggest a battle between Gabrielle Union and Charles Barkley? Both are witty (can you say that about a man?) and have sharp tongues which the two displayed when Charles made the mistake of stating his opinion about Gabby's husband Dwyane Wade. Charles stated that he thought DWade should NAUGHT have made the 2015 NBA All-Star team and Gabby came to his defense.

(Y'all think DWade was in on the response?)

Now that is the beef I like to see. It's one's kids are getting dragged into it or skeletons. Mostly truth spoken...

Lesson: We are all entitled to our opinions...and a great comeback!!

I wonder why and how celebs pick and chose what to and what not to respond to....I know that break baby was a hard one to swallow.

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