Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Amber Rose Defends Blac Chyna's Wardrobe Decisions

I don't really keep up with Thot moms news so I'm not sure where Blac Chyna went or why she was spotted so scantily clad but I do know Amber Rose is coming to her defense in opting to wear a see thru blouse.

This is the look.

To me this is classy compared to how she usually dresses and most importantly this is nothing new to her. She always dresses provocatively. And speaking of new and provocative, Chyna's new BFF Amber , who also got dumped by her child's father recently, is coming to her defense.

This is no brainer that Amber, who is in a bitter custody case with her child's father, would be in support of Chyna what I wasn't expecting was a dumb ass reasoning. Instead of standing up for a grown woman on social media ALL their asses, fathers included, need to be in some parenting classes. No one is really better than the other.

Wiz Khalifa, Amber's ex, smokes weeds and has been seen shit faced with women on each arm as well as Tyga, Chyna's ex, dating an underage. I mean really...who's to judge here? Sounds like bad judgment all the way around. I believe people should have the ability to wear what they want. If she were not a mother would this have been news? Again, eff the clothes, their are other major here. I mean if we're really talking about the kids here.

BTW, I'm not calling them Thot moms...Media FakeOut is.

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