Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mariah Carey Disses Nick Cannon In New Track?

Just when you already thought Mariah Carey was beyond being anymore off the hook she releases a diss track dedicated to her ex-husband Nick Cannon. IMO Carey's new track "Infinity" is simply reiterating what others have been saying for years about Nick but what I don't get is why she came out with it NOW?

I've seen her Nick with their kids for dinners and even recent holidays...what's the beef now?  Could this all be a publicity ploy? I mean she's thirsty enough at this stage in her career and well...Nick is corny and about his paper. Can we seriously rule out publicity? Like really get into these lyrics and the song.

Although Mariah didn't mention Nick by name we know the song is suppose to be about him but Mimi isn't fessing up quite yet...

"I leave that open for the fans to interpret." - MC

At 45 I wasn't expecting this from Mariah but it looks as if "Infinity" is garnering the attention she wanted so we shall see. These younger artists have our legends out here making  ratchet music. But if this is a publicity ploy, like I assume, I am sure Nick will surely respond...WILD OUT!!

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