Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wendy Williams Calls Ciara's New Relationship FAKE

Wendy Williams is the biggest hater of ALL time...and I just gave her compliment on her Ebony mag cover.

I'm not mad that she is saying these things about Ciara and Russell Wilson, I'm mad she's saying it. This isn't radio. She's on nation television and needs to show respect to the people who make her show possible. No one is tuning in to hear her bash celebrity after celebrity that would NEVER go on her show. They watch for the guests!!

Messy Wendy is a tacky journalist. The nose comments was a bit much but had someone else of another race said that about him then that would be in her hot topics. I've seen Wendy in person and her feet are HUGE. How would she feel if someone said they simply hate women with big feet and showed a picture of Big Foot?

Wendy reported this story because its's piping hot but had to add a little shade to make her report seem spicy and exciting. No. She came out off rude. She is messy and out of line. One day one of these celebs are going to come out and closeline heron set.

Amd she wonders why all her guests are B-List and below.

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