Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ciara Speaks Out On Low Album Sales

In case you didn't know (many didn't) Ciara released an album last week named after her mother, Jackie. Although Ciara has been receiving a lot of press lately for her personal life I for one didn't see much of her promoting the album.

I didn't buy the album (I am now) but I was rooting for CiCi on this one. I saw ONE interview on Dish Nation where she talked about the album and how she felt it was her best body of work as she did again at Power 99s's Rise and Grind Morning Show recently where she spoke about her low album sales for Jackie's debut week.

“Of course, you would hope for more. But at the same time, you know what I know about this album? This album is amazing. I’m so proud of it. I put my all into it. I really do believe it’s my best body of work. To me, it’s never been about the first week.”

“I’m going on 13 years now in my career, just to say that alone, to know that I still have my fans come to my shows and they’re sold out and all of these good things are happening. That’s the least of my worries. I feel like everything else will take care of itself. I’m honestly still so excited about being able to share the music on this album. There’s my tour, there’s more videos to come. We’re just getting started. That’s how I look at it.” Source

Before anyone takes this and runs with it, I must say this speaks volumes about Ciara's core fans. Or her stans I should say. Loyalty, always taking an L in the media and the not so grand promotion played a part in her album sales not per say her work even though the reviews weren't so good either. Not to mention hardly anyone is buying albums/music these days.

I don't have all the answers though, hopefully touring and some great press from her "relationship" with Russell Wilson will help initiate Jackie's future success.

And speaking of future, Ciara and her  child's father, rapper Future, celebrated their son Future Zahir's 1st birthday yesterday...together.

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