Thursday, May 14, 2015

KimYe Planning To Renew Their Vows?

According to one of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's most trusted friends who spilled the beans to Us Weekly the couple, who wed May 24, 2014, will renew their vows on their one year anniversary in Paris. Annnnnnnnnd, it's all Kanye's idea...go figure!

The insider notes that the "Only One" rapper is renting out the Eiffel Tower for the special festivities. The lavish 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant has also been booked for a private event. The ceremony will take place following the pair's appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Oh, please!! This sounds like something a video camera will be present for. These people will do anything, stupid and/or simply lie, just to stay relevant. Remember Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey use to renew their vows every year but you see where they are now...


benilhalk said...

I really think they will go down the same road as Nick and Mariah did. There is no sense at booking an extravagant vow renewal location on their 1st wedding anniversary. I believe you should never get into eyes of so many people.

Rosee said...

I agree with you.Something about Kim has changed drastically since she and Kanye got together and he simply seems to love the fame and attention. This is allegedly HIS plan.