Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FASHION PAUSE: A Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Midfriff

After seeing these recent (June 16) pics of Kim Kardashian entering and exiting her Dash LA store I can say I just may believe that she doesn't know the sex of  she and Kanye West's newest addition to their growing family as reported.

Kim denied the rumors that they already knew she was having a boy but judging from this outfit choice she chose to wear yesterday some may question her pregnancy all together.

Clad in a crop top, fitted fringe skirt, strappy heels and what appears to be Kanye's favorite jean jacket, Kim is obviously not your typical expecting mother. At th is time she expected to be only three months along so hopefully we can get some couture A Pea In The Pod looks because we are definitely NAUGHT getting flats out of this woman.

"I happen to hate the way I look in flats," - KK

I don't think being pregnant is a handicap per say but we do need to be cautious when we are with child. Kim has already almost taken her first public tumble over the weekend.

Her grand style may need to take a back seat this time around to some sneakers and prenatal fitness classes...LIKE THIS LOOK!

Mmm hmmm, we remember that weight gain.

Anywho, I'm here for the antics this go around. All press is good press!!

BTW, happy belated birthday to the oh so cute North who celebrated her birthday at Disney Land like a true Princess mini Minnie Mouse.

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