Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IN DUH NEWS: Justin Combs Only Got Into UCLA Because Of His Dad

Wouldn't it be a shame if Justin Combs, the son of Sean 'Diddy' Combs, got kicked off of UCLA 's football team the same way he got on it...via his father's fame? Well it sure as hell looks like a possibility after Diddy went buck wild at his son's college Monday (June 22) because Justin was chastised by the team's conditioning coordinator.

Although the smoke has seemed to clear since Monday's one man brawl an ex coach at UCLA who just so happened to take Justin and his father on a campus tour talks about the incident he didn't witness and what made him recruit Justin for his team although his size was an issue...Diddy!!

Rick Neuheisel, whose son is the now quarterback at UCLA, took to his SiriusXM College Sports Nation radio show to give the deets on what happened and why Justin was recruited in the first place.

"Justin had missed some workouts prior to this and had said to Sal that he was doing workouts with his dad’s private trainer. There are discretionary workouts and mandatory workouts. The NCAA has a window of time. Discretionary workouts, he missed, which he’s allowed to — they’re discretionary. He had said he’s working out with his dad’s trainer."
"So somehow, yesterday, and I still have a little pulse of what’s going on out there, Justin looks a little out of shape, and there was something said. He was actually removed from the workout. (Diddy) got the report from Justin and marched over."
"I took them on their campus tour. A half-hour into it, (Diddy) asked me who I was. He said, ‘Tell me what you do, Rick.’ I said I’m the head football coach here. He said, ‘You’re giving us the tour?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, this is my school. This is where I went. I want to give you a feel of what it’s like to be a student."
"When you’re weighing the assets of what a youngster can do for your program, there’s no question (being Diddy’s son) had something to do with it for me. Justin is a great kid. His problem was his size. He’s not big enough to be a dominant player. Could he be productive? Yes. The fact his father was an influential guy played into my decision to go ahead and offer him."
"What I learned was they were going to let this go, because the UCLA folks didn’t want to press charges. But when the campus police arrived on the scene, they looked at the film."

Now how unprofessional and tacky of this man to come out and say this. Not only was he not there for the physical incident but he has the nerve to say his star struck ass only recruited (and gave a scholarship to) the younger Combs because of his father's stardom (and bank account). This is hilarious to me because Justin and Diddy received a lot of backlash for accepting the scholarship but now it's okay to admit it was in part due to fame. Whatever!!

Diddy was wrong for trying to fight his son's battles. Diddy's actions are sending a message to his child(ren) that no matter what anyone says Daddy has the final say. In other words: fuck authority.

Neuheisel is in the wrong for simply having loose lips. You were not there for the fight. What he's admitting to doesn't make him any better than the other parties involved. And how did HIS son get on team?!!

If anything this may hurt Justin Combs to know his talents didn't land him a spot on the field and for the rest of his life, although it may seem plush for some, he will always be Diddy's son which could turn over decent or non-decent perks.

I hope we don't here about any incidents like this with Snoop and his son Cordell at UCLA.


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