Tuesday, June 30, 2015

VIDEO: LisaRaye Disses Reality TV In Mona Scott-Young's Presence

Is it safe to assume LisaRaye and Mona Scott-Young, creator and executive producer of  the Love & Hip Hop franchise, aren't besties? Well judging from the amount of shade LisaRaye threw at the BET Awards over the weekend in reference to reality television and it' negative effects I would have to say: HELL NO!!

Lisa's eyes and gestures spoke way louder than her words but I have to only imagine what, if any, the beef is here. LisaRaye is no stranger to reality television, having had her own reality show The Real McCoy on TV One. Her current show Single Ladies seems as fake as Mona's show yet she seems so passionate about her comments all while spewing her own subliminal negativity.

Hmmmm, may we one day find out when LisaRaye appears on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood...or is that the real BEEF? Or better yet because VH1 cancelled Single Ladies after 3 seasons, although Centric picked it up, and kept the Love & Hip Hop franchise?

Either way I don't like to see people tearing other people down especially women...so blatantly. It's obvious LisaRaye wanted Mona or Joseline Hernandez (y'all seen the cam pan in on her) to hear her but for what? There has to be an issue stemming from somewhere. There's a whole lot of filth on television and in reality. Miss Lisa is no saint....mmm hmmmm.

Women can be so catty...AND I still love me some LisaRaye...just not as much today.

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