Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Little Help Please, Kanye!!

The West family set out for a little Sunday Funday time at the movies over the weekend and while all seemed fine Kim Kardashian looked as if she could have used some of Kanye West's help.

When the growing family of three arrived at the theatre a pregnant Kim could be seen holding their daughter North while Kanye parked. As they made their way to enter the theatre Kim was seen trying to hold North while looking at two phones for what I assume to be their online tickets. And what was Kanye doing? Admiring the air.

I'm all for pregnancy not being a handicap but at least give the woman a helping hand while she tries to get Y'ALL situated and into the movies out of paparazzi sight. Or maybe Kanye feels if she can wears stiletto heels and regular clothes while pregnant she can also handle a toddler, two phones, and purchasing the tickets while being photographed.

No wonder Kim looks miserable and lifeless in the face...and her hair is breaking off.

Kanye, you should have brought North in!! Why let your pregnant wife not only carry a toddler but also do so while the photogs are out and you're parking the car. He could have got the tickets and parked the car...ugh. I guess he wanted to make an entrance in this confusing ass outfit.

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