Friday, July 31, 2015

Kylie Jenner Did Not Have Her Boobs And Butt Done

The below Instagram post by Kylie Jenner is PRIME EXAMPLE NO. 1 why an education is priority. And yes I know this has Kris Jenner's smoke and mirror tactics written all over it but I also know she lost all forms of f**ks to give years ago AND had this child had any common sense she wouldn't have agreed to such a post. 

As a WOMAN I find it most appropriate to tell this child to STFU and go read a book!! If you're about that cosmetic surgery/enhancement life then be about it!! Why lie like the public is just as simple as you are? We already know and this here only furthers the "bullying" this child will continue to receive (and free press). It's not even funny anymore how this family keeps trying to explain the curious case of Kylie's life.

PLUS Rudy Huxtable already dispelled the myth about enhancement creams!!

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