Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TWITTER BEEF: Meek Mill Calls Out Drake

If you're familiar with Twitter than you know yesterday's MTV VMA nominations caused a lot of buTt hurt feelings to a few artists most notably Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Yes, Nicki threw out a subliminal diss and Tay Tay clapped back.

Staying true to the game, Meek Mill followed his girlfriend and popped off on fellow rapper Drake insinuating my fav doesn't write his own lyrics. Yes, he went there.

But here's where I am confused, I thought Meek and Drake were cool...even Friends. So what inspired this diss?

I don't know what is going on but I refuse to believe Drake doesn't write his own raps yet he writes and produces for others. You can't have me believe that someone out there is so emo that they can not only produce content but an image as well. Drake is his raps. His lyrics are consistent with his lifestyle. Girls, strips clubs, girls breaking his heart, look at me now, cars, look at me now, big booty girls...I means shall I go on?  If his ghost writer is this good he needs to be on the payroll of all the rappers in the game including Meek. If Drake has a ghost writer then many more do as well.

But seriously, why is Meek hurt? Because Drake didn't tweet his album? Because he didn't bring in the numbers? Why did he erase all pics of Nicki from his Instagram? Why did Nicki unfollow Meek on Instagram? Me thinks this is all about Nicki and how he's been getting clowned as her bitch...although I never believed their relationship.

When pillow talk goes wrong...

If he and Nicki aren't done yet they are now and he can add Lil Wayne to that list as well. This guy is making a complete fool out of himself because there's more to this story than ghost writing and not tweeting an album. He's fucked himself more than Drake is. Drake has a solid fan base and one thing a solid fan base will do is ride and be biased as hell for you. Look at me! Team OVO!!

Honestly, I couldn't take someone calling me out via Twitter as some real shit. He should holla at Drake and not do this catty shit like girls. This is the same situation Meek got into with Wale for not tweeting his album. But you from the streets...

Shout out to DJ Akademics for his awesome synopsis of this Twitter beef.

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