Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ice Cbe Speaks On Police Brutality And His Kids

We live in a world now that when we turn on our television to see police brutality rather more  frequently than in the past  against African Americans we don't even flinch. The majority having the same sentiment: "again!". While many celebrities use their fame to push great causes like awareness to their heartfelt causes we simply don't hear that much about them. Now, when someone is close to a million social media followers its  shoved in our faces like repetitive life altering  news.

However, rapper turned film maker Ice Cube, legally known as O'Shea Jackson, used his fame earlier this week not only to push his upcoming N.W.A. biopic movie, Straight Outta Compton, starring his son, O'Shea Jackson, Jr., as the rapper, he also used the limelight to highlight an epidemic that has become unfortunately popular in the black community. Police brutality.

Ice Cube went in depth in a YouTube recorded interview with Universal Pictures on the topic of police brutality. If you're educated on the tunes of N.W.A. you would know the group had an infamous hit "F**k The Police" which was inspired in 1988 due to police brutality. Ice Cube, now a father of five, has one bit of sound advice when it comes to his kids and a run in with the law: "make it home."

 "My instructions to all my kids is 'make it home.' That's your only order, and that's your only instruction." 
"That means do whatever it takes to make it to the house. The fact that we live in a world where we have to remind people that that black lives matter is terrible in itself," he shook his head, sitting next to Dr. Dre. "I tell my kids, 'make it home.' That's the most important thing. Nothing else matters. Not to me." 
"Before we came along it was already going on," he said. "It was deep in the ghetto back then. We'd go to places (and it would be) 'Get on the ground! Face down!' But nowadays, 26 years later, it's like the same thing still going on. It's like (F--- tha Police) is brand new again."

Hopefully this is a message for all kids and just not Ice Cube's children. There is an issue at hand that we cannot win alone. The main goal is to live to fight another day, not to fight and doe. We have to be smarter even when our emotions are raging larger than our minds.


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