Monday, August 3, 2015

Ice-T And Coco Reveal Gender Of Baby

Ice-T (Ice) finally gave into Coco Austin's desires and knocked up the blonde bombshell just in time for the premiere of their daytime talk show Ice & Coco.  Perfect timing, huh? Mmmmm hmmm.

Although the news of Coco's bun baking in the oven came just last week today on the show's premiere the married couple revealed they were having a GIR! Not only did Ice (mainly Ice LOL) reveal the sex of the baby the couple also revealed their daughter's name and how far along Coco is.

Coco looks great to be 21-weeks and I love the name...Chanel. How fitting, "Coco and babygirl Chanel" has a nice ring to it.

One another note, I've been a little iffy in tuning into these new talk shows with married couples but I think I will actually tune into Ice & Coco. No shade, but The Boris & Nicole Show didn't do it for me. And I spent the entire two minutes while watching hoping Boris and Nicole wouldn't suffer from the reality show/working together curse as well as wondering if the show will last.

But Ice and Coco if anything will be entertaining and watching Coco's pregnancy is worth tuning in. I'm sure Ice's cool, ass at the ripe of of 57, will be a riot watching him deal with Coco and her pregnancy. I know she's a diva and he's minimal on patience. Stay tuned!

SIDE BAR: Why didn't some tell Ice (in his ear) that his tie was crocked? Where do I apply?

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