Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Did August Alsina Go Too Far With Fan?

The internet has been buzzing with a conscious regarding August Alsina and the possibility that he may have inappropriately touched a fan while on stage. It was during a performance in Baton Rogue this past Friday (Sept. 25) that August called a female on stage with him to be serenaded. It was during that performance while the fan was in a chair that August began to grope the female. Looking a the fan she at least seems taken aback but you be judge.

While I find this hard to watch because of her initial reaction some fans are raising the question as to what did she expect. Artists like Nicki Minaj and even Bobby Brown back in his hay called people on stage to sort of "seduce" but would we say exposed body parts are OK? I won't debate this topic too much because the fan seems totally fine by the on stage grope which is all that matters until the next fan feels violated and sues.

Hopefully, August Alsina can take a hint.


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