Monday, July 16, 2012

New Couple Alert: Kevin Durant and LeToya Luckett?

Kevin and LeToya were spotted having what they probably thought to be an intimate dinner at the Wynn in Las Vegas over the weekend when some sneaky nosee body snapped an unsuspecting photo of the two. How perfect!!!

Anywho, at first thought of these two dating I didn’t like it. LeToya has been in a just a few well known relationships. The longest being with Houston’s own rapper Slim Thug and the other was a brief stint with Matt Kemp who happened to date Rihanna after LeToya. But one a second much longer thought I had to realize LeToya is one of the good girls. She could’ve easily milked this outing for her own good like some other female celebs but NOPE. 

Now that their outing has been publicized it’s going to be full on speculation as to whether this was the first and/or possibly last outing these two will have.

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