Sunday, May 19, 2013

NEW MUSIC: Kanye West Debuts "New Slaves" and "Black Skinhead"

Kanye West has once again managed to distance his musical efforts from that of what we typically hear from his counterparts and unsurprisingly the music is great.

Kanye had a super packed weekend debuting his new song "New Slaves" on 66 buildings across the globe on Friday night as well as performing the track for the first time live last night on Saturday Night Live as well as another new punk rock'ish track titled "Black Skinhead".

Kanye is tackling some typically super sensitive conscious topics in hip hop like slavery, selling out, and even  interracial dating in his new tracks. Check out last night's SNL performance's as well as one broadcast of "New Slaves" in LA along with crowd reviews.

"I move my fanily out the country so you can't see where I stay" - KW

Is Kanye becoming an activist? Could it be the the birth of his child with a woman outside his race which may be triggering this expansion of his music?

Who knows, I love it. How about you?

Word on the street is, Kanye's sixth studio album will be dropping on June 18 as hinted and the new album will be titled Yeezus...if we're using Kim Kardashian as a source.

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