Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PICS: The Olsen Twins Out & About

The Oldlooking Olsen twins have been spotted around LA, NY and various airports this past week, which is very unlike them, and although it's good to see them every now and again not seeing them so much has uncovered some obvious changes in the girls.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look old. Not only do they look old but they dress and carry themselves like  90s ungroomed chic stay at home moms yet  they're only 26.

You be the judge, maybe I need my eyes checked.

It doesn't help any that Mary Kate is dating 43 year old multimillionaire businessman boyfriend (reportedly fiance) Olivier Sarkozy who looks old enough to be her dad.

They remind me of two miserable frumpy old ladies instead of blossoming twenty something year old millionaires. It's obvious the girls don't like the attention of the media so could it be this is their way of raging against the machine?

Hell no, these chicks are in their own world and probably could give two f**ks about what you or I think about their smelly looking appearance. I'm sure they hold their noses up, pluck cigarette ashes and stomp their little dusty loafers in disgust to anyone that has a problem with anything that they do...which for one second doesn't take my opinion away.

Seriously, does this look like a 20 something year old woman?

Buaer Griffin/Fame Flynet

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