Friday, October 25, 2013

VIDEO: Beyonce Freefalls From New Zealand's Tallest Building...TWICE!!

Don't get it twisted, Beyonce didn't bungee jump from New Zealand's tallest building she did a freefall twice late last week (Oct 18) and it was caught all on video.

I wonder if being strapped in by her torso rather than her feet like bungee jumping was more safe?

Although this seems innocent it was obviously calculated well though out. Bey not only had on a face full of natural make up with red lips but she also had cameras with her...this wasn't your ordinary iPhone 5 footage.

Anywho, the fall was about 1000 ft. at the Auckland Sky Tower and Miss Beyonce had so much fun she did it twice. Beyonce was in New Zealand for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour.

BTW, I see you Bey in your custom Isabel Marants.

Photos: Instagram/Simon Runtling 

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