Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EJ Johnson Begins Filming Reality Show + Fashion Police Visit

E! has given away yet another reality show!!

EJ Johnson the son of Magic Johnson just began filming his new reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills which he confirmed last week when he was a guest on Fashion Police.

“Umm, yes, I’m working on something with E! right now,” EJ said about his new reality show. “You’ll see me doing the absolute most with all my crazy friends…and stuff like that so…so I’m definitely coming up in the entertainment world. Definitely a talk show down the line, is my ultimate goal and you know dabbling in fashion and entertainment.”

Check out EJ in front of the camera.

I am in awe of EJ and would love to watch him weekly on a reality show flaunting his wealth, bags and family name but I pray the show title is simply a working title for the time being....that title alone seems beyond pretentious almost as if it wasn't well thought out.

"Hey let's give Magic's flamboyantly gay son a reality show about nothing and lets hurry up before his 15 minutes is up". - E! bigwigs 

I would have loved to have seen EJ doing a reality show about something more than just being a rich brat not simply doing "the most". He has too much character for all his daddy is Magic Johnson!

I'll be tuned in anyhow this coming January!!


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