Friday, October 25, 2013

'The New Atlanta' Star Says She And Beyonce Have So Many Similarities

During an 2011 interview with BE Magazine, reality star Sincerely Ward admitted to seeing a similarity in her looks and Beyonce's as well as how their families resemble.

BE-Style: How do you react when people say that you could be the “other Knowles sister” or Beyonce’s body double?
SW: Well, I feel like there could be worse people to be compared to. I do hear this often, especially in Miami with my Sunkist tan. I am a huge Bey fan and supporter. I just find it rather uncanny that we have so many similarities; even our parents have similar looks. But sometimes this can be bittersweet cause you want to be someone with your own image and exude your own personality.

I can see it but not to the point it's mention worthy or she would be mistaken for Bey. Hell there are dozens of people that resemble Beyonce if that's case.

Me personally, even if I looked like I could be Beyonce I would never say it simply because it sounds thirsty just because who she is. I'm just saying...

Sincerely Ward can be seen on Bravo's new reality show The New Atlanta.

BTW, I think all Sincerely's pics do her no justice

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