Monday, November 18, 2013

REVIEW: 'The Best Man Holiday'

The movie was great...I mean great as in I wouldn't change a dayum thing about it GREAT.

Terrance Howard brought the comedy and vulgar which gave the movie a more light hearted feel when in actuality the movie was really a real tear jerker BUT I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the movie...just go see it.

Really the movie was great and I find a way to find a snag in almost anything but I REALLY loved this movie so much that I am almost saddened that it was only No. 2 at the box office losing out the No. 1 spot to Thor: The Dark Wolrd...what the f**k is that?!

Although the movie didn't place No. 1, fans showed up. I felt like I was looking for Beyonce tickets while searching for shows that weren't sold out. The lines to find a seat began almost an hour before the movie began, I sat in the third row and loved every minute of it even when all the ladies rows and rows behind me screamed every time Morris Chestnut was shirtless all for the No. 2 spot...

Anywho, the film which cost an estimated $17 million to make brought in over $30 mil so I guess Malcolm D. Lee and his cast really did win.

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