Thursday, November 14, 2013

VIDEO: Peebles Tells Wendy Williams Why She's REALLY Mad

Peebles is letting us know live and in living color why she is so mad about the VH1 TLC biopic film in which she feels she was wrongfully depicted.

Some times I can't understand why people give people they don't like so much energy. Yeah I write about people I don't typically care for a lot but that's just me stating my opinion and probably calling them on their BS.

Anywho, I agree with Wendy (ugh)why now? Peebles has been accused of these actions for years but I guess seeing someone else portray her in a light that she doesn't care for has prompted her to go on a nation wide rant against TLC defaming her. This is not cute nor professional, I feel she and her daughter want to be seen more than the real story heard. Did I hear her say she's writing a book?

The best revenge against someone who has wronged you is to pay them no attention to the point they don't exist to you and you have no reason to plan revenge. Sue them and keep it moving...if it's THAT serious.

Peebles should know better, she's been around the block before 2013. And who lets their enemy know what they're planning before they step on the please, she wants a settlement and new fame so she can sell that book.

BTW, Wendy is the queen of shade....that mirror stunt was classic.

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