Friday, February 21, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER: Lamar Odom To Play Basketball In Spain

Lamar Odom is taking his talents to Spain where he will play basketball for the Laboral Kutxa. The troubled former NBA player will make his debut with the team on February 27.

While you would think this great news for Lamar would relieve him from some of the tarnish the Kardashians have caused him but in the wake of his good news he can't help but bring them up.

In a recent interview Lamar spoke of his estranged family and cited Bruce Jenner as the reason he decided to play in Span.

“Bruce is… he means a lot to me. Bruce is one of the reasons why I am going to do this."
“And of course my family,” he added. “They stood by me.”
“I always speak to Khloe. She’s my wife,” Odom said, when asked if he still speaks with Khloe. 
He also confirmed he is still in touch with Kris Jenner.
“I left Kris [Jenner] a message today. [I’m] always texting back and forth with Bruce. Hopefully they’ll be able to come see me soon,” he added.

Yeah they stood by you alright. Stood right by and watched your life crumble before yours and their eyes. Bruce hopefully told him to get as far away as possible from them krazy bitches.
Anywho, congrats Lamar, I was pulling for you...still am!!
BTW, can we stop asking Lamar if he talks to Khloe still? Watch the show, he phone stalks her regularly while she plays busy and Kourtney asks "who's that?".


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