Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SPOTTED: Lil Za + His Mother + Shawn Holley Heading to Court

Lil Za, Xavier Smith, 20, the live-in fall guy for Justin Bieber had his day in court today and he did so with to beautiful black women by his side. His mother (in stripes) was with him as well as attorney Shawn Chapman Holley who garnered fame being Lindsay Lohan's on-again off-again attorney and has even landed Kanye West recently.

Anywho, check out a dapper Lil Za as he learns his fate.

As a parent what do you say to your child who is obviously the fall guy/follower of some bratty celebrity child star? I'd be pissed, unless...fuck that ain't no unless.

Xavier is charged with three felonies (one for breaking a jail phone) after cops found drugs near him at Bieber's house. The raid stemmed from an egg throwing incident where Bieber caused $20k in damages. Xavier did not enter a plea today and will be back in court March 6.

Hopefully Justin is unlike Lindsay and pays Shawn her coins...

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