Thursday, March 6, 2014

VIDEO: Katy Perry Doesn't Want Miley Cyrus' Tongue In Her Mouth

Katy Perry was recently torn between kissing her girl friend Miley Cyrus with or without tongue when the two locked lips. At first attempt a peck on the lips was OK with Perry but it was when Miley seemed to want a little tongue action that she declined the honor....she didn't know where Miley's tongue had been (her words not mine).

Who cares about the tongue she shouldn't have kissed and told in the first place. Who knows where Miley's mouth has been!!? Miley should have been the one not trying to kiss Katy and the 3 million other women that have ever kissed John Mayer.

This has to be the best form of throwing your friend under the bus...


Finally Miley and I are >>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<

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